Education Background:

·       UC Santa Barbara ('13-'15)

·       University of Southern California ('15-'17)


Ambitiously always starving, while diligently moving forward in all that he does.....that’s who Danny is. And yes, he is speaking about himself in 3rd person. While studying animation at the school of cinematic arts in USC, Danny found a new passion and drive that is, video editing. Although learning the practice in school was sometimes out of the question, he took matters into his own hands and taught himself the craft of video editing. By doing so, his career has shifted over to video editing and is on a successful track record. Able to direct, produce, write and animate, he uses these experiences and education to further along his creative vision and approach/execution when it comes to his video editing work. 

Whether it is long-form or short-form work, Danny is devoted from the beginning of the film to the final cut. He is more than happy to contribute wherever possible including, but not limited to: DIT, Assistant Editing, Editing, Coloring, VFX, and Post-Supervisor. Taking his teachings from school and freelance, he is now applying himself in the world of editing, advancing his growth each day. His previous occupation was a Night Assistant Editor for Trailer Park in Hollywood, CA. His current occupation is freelance video editing while pushing for union.

Now, if you really want to know something about me, I don't like talking about myself, but I know people in the industry want to know more about you. If I can say one thing about myself and my ambitious nature to do what I need to do in my respected career, is that I am simply chasing myself at 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, etc.... so that I can live my best version of myself everyday as a video editor.ñoz